Madame Roussel _ 1944-1956

part of curating the work of Mr. Roussel
In the summer of 2016 I found more than 400 black and white negatives of 11,5X7cm each at a “Vide Grenier” market (“Clean the Attic”) in France – Burgundy. They were in 41 little envelopes designed for this kind of film. Most of them are in good condition and offer a beautiful view on the holidays in France and daily life of a (prosperous?) family named Roussel. The negatives and prints(?) were developed in Carvin in the north of France. Almost all pictures are taken, I think, by Mr. Roussel in the period 1944(end of WW2)- +/-1956. Most of the pictures are group portraits with close family or/and friends. On more than 190 pictures we can see Mss. Roussel, very often with their son. This selection gives us an overview of nice landscapes, well composed group portraits and an atmosphere of a post war period.
In honor of Mr. Roussel.

Au Rocher

Dans une Ruelle

Retour de la Plage_1

A l’Aqueduc

Le Rocher

Devant Forteresse

Promenade dans les Montagnes_2

Retour de la Plage_2

La Plage_1

Au Petit Villa

Avec Fils_Fontainebleau_1951

Groupe avec Femme

La Plage_2


Au Villa

Promenade dans les Montagnes_1